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New Vahnatai PC graphics: Feedback?

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(EDIT: I am reorganizing and neatening OpenBoE.com a bit so the following text is somewhat nonsensical now. The first picture is the current set of Vahnatai PC graphics as of this edit, which now includes a cleaned up old one I found that was lousy but I think I improved, and another that also had a horrendous attack graphic that I haven't replaced. Those bottom two are not yet Celtic Minstrel approved.) The image under, with just two vahnatai, are the original attack graphics mentioned in this post. EDIT OF AN EDIT: The yellow poncho dude is an edit of another by Kelyar-Irhno, who made the one on the top. I thought it didn't look like mine. Anyway it's GNU GPL so it's fair play to tinker with until we get something usable. I think IIRC Kelyar-Ihrno gave him backwards joints and CM didn't think it was suitable or something and I decided turn him into a razorblade dude and tried to salvage the graphic which I think still has its good points. ANOTHER EDIT OF AN EDIT: The blue poncho waveblade dude has "Luz" in the filename in a file I found in my cleanup. I'm pretty sure it's modified from something she did that was labelled as a vahnatai lich? I don't know. Luz Piazuelo's BoE graphics are also GNU GPL.)

There are four Vahnatai PC graphics on the far right of this file. The ones on the top half are the regular standing, and the ones on the bottom half are the attacking poses.Kelyar-Ihrno made the top one but I just finished the other three today. How do they look? I suspect there are some issues with the way I rendered the hammered-fungus ponchos they wear. Any pointers on how to polish them up are much appreciated.

Also I'm really questioning that waveblade guy's attack pose. Like, really, really questioning it. Like, ugh. I'll wait for feedback before I do it over though.

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Those look pretty good.  With the waveblade one, I think if you swapped the standing one for the attacking one it'd work better.  The standing waveblade one and the standing one under that look very similar, though.


Also, and this might just be me, but the human in the middle row, 4 down?  On more than one occasion I've not been paying attention when casting a firestorm or something against troglodytes, and there's a trog with a similar looking shield and I've accidentally targeted my own PC.  Not sure if other people do that sort of thing, but if so, do the PC vahnatai look sufficiently different to the NPC ones?

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My razordiskdude is an edit. He therefore looks kinda similar, although the color is dramatically different from any other vahnatai, except for one graphic's attack which is kinda close but very differently shaped. The other three are unlike any other vahnatai altogether.

I have noticed that about that human. No point in changing it though, given it's legacy.

I think the attack graphic for the wavebladedude needs to go altogether, personally. I'll have to figure something out. I have a few more ideas to work with, then I can decide which can be standing and which can be attacking, I think.

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