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  1. The version I am using (the one Ess Eschas linked to above) works fine, save for the occasional weird crash to desktop. The version on Spiderweb's site (which is what I was using before I started this thread) is no good for me because it only seems to allow for a handful of custom scenarios and I have played through Valley of the Dying Things, A Small Rebellion etc. far too many times so the custom scenarios being as plentiful as possible is a must for me.
  2. I may have mistakenly added the 'C' to the 'boes' extension Celtic'. All I know was that I had a version that could not open or run any scenarios save for the three included (Za Khazi, Small Rebellion, Valley...) which themselves had the '.boes' extension. I don't think I want to mess with newer, unstable versions for several reasons : I am on Windows XP and now days fewer and fewer games will run on such and also I don't think I have the time or patience right now to deal with massive bugs.
  3. Hello Ess-Eschas, Sadly I think the version you linked to above is the same 1.2 version I already have (the 'older' version I mentioned in the OP which does not seem to allow for many custom scenarios). EDIT: Ack again! Your above version is indeed fitting my OP request. I was looking at the '1.2' number and thinking the version I had was 1.2 (it is actually 1.01 or some such and not CBoE but just BoE) . Thanks much! Digging around on my PC I found a version of CBoE that runs for the most part (lot of buggy error messages when I open some function or close t
  4. Hello, I decided to play some BoE scenarios but evidently I only have the original freeware release of BoE from Spiderweb which I determined after noticing I could not have more than like 10 or 12 scenarios in my scenarios folder (or actually that it all that will show up when I boot the game and try to select a custom scenario). So I came here to get a newer version that still runs in Windows XP but the download links to the 'Calref' pages are not working. Is there an alternate download link somewhere (with notes about versions not running in Win XP)? Edit: ACK! I
  5. Release information just posted on the main SW site page.
  6. I understand why you and, to one extent or the other probably almost everyone here does not want a Ferguson thread. Emotions seem to run high on this issue and I will try not to say anything that might cause stress here but... The thing that bothers me about this, Travon Martin etc. is that whenever a police officer (or some 'stand your ground' moron civilian) ends up shooting a young black man, they are convicted from the first reporting of being a racist murderer, contrary to what evidence we have. Here in WA. state we are seeing innumerable protests with silly catch-phrases and placards
  7. I understand what you are saying but I still cannot accept this as being very sensible. I feel there are much better ways (and not necessarily more complex or complicated ways) of achieving these things. The example I usually cite in these discussions is the D&D vs. RuneQuest pen and paper RPG systems. RQ managed to do everything that (A)D&D did plus a thousand things D&D could not do, while being very logically consistent (aka "realistic") and losing none of the heroic fantasy fun. RQ had 'hit points' based primarily on the "Size" attribute (with "Constitution" contributing as wel
  8. My apologies again as I certainly did not intend what you infer here. I have not once posted 'angrily' here and my use of the 'H-E-Double Hockey Sticks' word was in no way meant to attack anyone else for any reason. I do not think I am alone here in in how I reacted to someone making false accusations against me about what I said though. If I responded to your post here by saying "Well Slartibus, you may believe I don't deserve to live or have the same rights you have..." then would you not think "Where the **** did you get THAT?!" ? But duly noted and I will not use the word again.
  9. Full agreement on this point, although I try not to get into the war about defining "RPG" for everyone these days my take from decades of study on the matter tells me that an RPG should be defined as a 'Squad-based tactical simulation game', wherein a 'squad' is a party of at least one and often more individual 'characters', ideally and usually created by the player (this interactivity being important) and this pretty much demands turn-based gameplay because if you are relying on your own reflexes to determine whether Breglok, the Hill Orc berserker can avoid being shot with an arrow then you
  10. My apologies. I honestly did not think that the description I gave of the crimes of those two's crimes was inappropriate or I would not have posted it. I am probably guilty of the wrongful assumption that what seems perfectly fine at many other forums and in many other philosophical debate threads would be similarly fine here or at any debate thread about adult subject matters. I will make a better effort to consider such before posting in the future as this is a family friendly forum I am sure and it does sound like I botched things in this regard.
  11. I did not read through all the replies here (as I must get off of here and do some physical stuff shortly) but a few of my answers were "other" for the simple reason that some of these terms vary wildly in how they are defined by many. If I say for example that I agree with the nihilist position for one or more of the quests I am fearful of being accused of being the 'vilified nihilist' of movies and TV (a guy who cares nothing about anything or anyone yet for some reason still lives). In short I am a pretty strict materialist/empiricist and card carrying skeptic (in the modern philosophic
  12. Just wanted top say how impressed I am with the replies here. I may have some slight disagreement with a sentence or two said by a person or two but even then that person has (for the most part?) presented his/her case in an informative and thought-provoking way which drives me to think more about the issues rather than simply reacting to them (I know, I know...we should all be thinking more than reacting about these issues...). As for myself, most of my views and poll answers are probably not very controversial here (my answers lined up with most on most questions) but I do have a differe
  13. My problem with this is that it should lead to all manner of luck/stat increases and bonuses whenever a priest casts a heal spell. If HP are some sort of abstraction for, as you describe a combination of several things aside from physique then priests/healers are in effect replenishing luck, stamina, dodgy-ness etc. with every heal spell or first aid usage. Furthermore, and pardon the hypothetical here, say a magic guy casts a spell or grants some mystical bonus to luck or intellect; shouldn't this also raise hit points? And why do 'tougher'/bigger/more physical beings get such greater hit poi
  14. ?!? Where in the HELL did you get THAT from?! Did you actually read what I posted or did you just 'get a feeling' that I intended to do what you think I intended to do? Again, this opinion is noted and has already been addressed by me. You mean I could have expressed myself better so that others did not feel as though I were out to get them. Fair enough and I have already conceded this point as well. And I would argue the exact converse of every point you make here. As far as I can tell using one's own reflexes does not belong in a RPG because you are not play
  15. Uh...crap. Can't help you here as the issue is fixed now with that new binary you provided and I would have to go back to the old build to get the old problems and all that. Let me see if I can figure something out and get back to you.
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