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Time Lapse! Avernum 3 from Demo to Now

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A short question, after the prelude of course:


I first played Avernum 3 as a demo in college. I really liked it, but being cheap and/or poor, I never bought the game. I recalled a variety of things to do in Upper Avernum, and that included fighting a hovel of bandits on an isolated island to the far north of the usual settlements. Buying the boat was a prerequisite to get to the area of course.


Years later, and probably a few years between starting my current run and resuming it, I attempted to find the bandit island once again. The problem is that I have no idea how to get back there! Furthermore, looking at Harehunter's linked sites, I don't even see it on the maps!


So, finally, the short question: Was this dungeon only in the demo, or can I just not recall how one finds it? Or, perhaps it was some figment of the imagination? Should the latter be the case, it was still pretty awesome. I do seem to remember that the dungeon was kind of a one-time affair. With the waterfalls surrounding the place, once you were in, you either succeeded or didn't, because there's be no way of going back without cheating.

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There is an area that you need to take the portal to in order to retrieve the Orb of Thralni. That used a boat as a way to move around waterfalls. It comes after completing the slime quest and enough time has past in game.


The full game just unlocks more areas than in the demo for you to explore.

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