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Ghaldring's hint about Taygen

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When I joined Ghaldring's faction and agreed to kill the 4 shapers, I was able to ask him for hints on how to do so. They were all clear except for the one about Taygen, which mentioned one of his spies' efforts to liberate Camp Dranir. Well I did that quest actually, the mercenary gave me a reward, and then just left! Is there some other spy who was involved in this?


Ah here is the exact text:


That mad monster of a Shaper has been rounding up all creations and putting them in camps. I have a special eagerness to hear of his death.


I believe that one of our spies was going to try to engineer a mass escape from the camp to the southwest of the Zephyr Oasis. We do not know if this agent succeeded.

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[i've updated my original post with the exact quest text.]


I haven't found a way to spook him, with those creations. But:



You can talk to the creations in the pens next to his throne room, and (presumably with high enough Leadership) convince them to not attack you, or to actually fight for you. I tried that and when I attacked Taygen, they never even came into the room. Which is fine.


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