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  1. Haha never mind, I just ran into my first group of adult widowspawn spiders. 😄
  2. I've been playing for a bit now, at Normal difficulty, going after a shadow beast, fighting spiders, and all the combats except an ogre boss fight have been super easy. Like, way easier than Avernum (or Geneforge). Is Avadon deliberately designed to just allow most fights to be won by spamming basic attacks and not use any consumables? I'm thinking I might crank up the difficulty but if the game's going easy for the first part, maybe I won't.
  3. Where can you get Dispel Barrier at level 3 in this game? Please don't tell me it's by doing the aranea ambush first and then getting it from Mairwen...I already did those in the other order. 😞
  4. Well I'm nearing the end of the game. I've cleared my way through Annwn, found all the hidden areas I can, but there is one place I just can't get into—the passages behind the throne. I am guessing these are for the Romans and that there's just no way for me to get in there playing the Celts. I also have a ton of stuff, more than I can carry, but I know I won't be able to re-enter. I went to the lady in the village, who sells some skills or recipes, but she doesn't buy anything. I'm pretty sure there's no way to sell all the extra stuff and I'll just have to leave with what I can carry, but I figured I would ask.
  5. I used your tip to get down there. It's just a bit of random loot, a couple hundred gold worth. Now that's probably stuff that is in the Celt version of the script, and there may be some item of note to the plot for the Romans in their version. In any case it's no big deal, and I'm well on to Castle Aethdoc now—after running around the entire Vale for quite a while on the advice of the chieftain, when all I had to do was go there. Oh well! I got to refresh my memory of where certain NPCs are and buy several skill-ups from the Goagh Nar haul. Thanks again for the help on this particular issue. I'm glad to find it's not an actual bug or anything. 🙂
  6. Well, if it isn't intended to be in the game.... Using hints and walkthroughs is one thing, hacking the scripts is another! But I might do that just to see what's down there. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to look into this.
  7. I'm starting to wish I'd played the original now. 😛 Although I'm having plenty of fun playing Resurrection (except for Goagh Nar, what a pain).
  8. According to Matt P's old walkthrough for Nethergate original, the Blessing Pool would transform items. In Resurrection, it seems to just apply a buff to equipped weapons. Is that right, or is there some special Blessing Pool I don't know about?
  9. It's so gone it ain't even funny. Even archive.org doesn't have a decent save. The ones I have found only have the main page, with links to non-archived pages, and in any case there's a disclaimer saying it's all copied from Matt P.'s Nethergate (Original) walkthrough. You might want to delete the reference to this site on the Nethergate forum description.
  10. The screenshots appear to have disappeared, but I figured I would point this out, from Nethergate Resurrection. I removed all the skills and this is what each Celt character looks like: Bruce has 54 skill points and Woodcraft 3. You can train Woodcraft to level 4 in the starting town (according to other threads I've checked), so this seems a poor balance, and therefore the advice to delete Bruce makes good sense. Gordon has 64 skill points, the most available. Edana has 59 skill points and Barter 2, which is otherwise only trainiable to level 1, ever. Patrick has 60 skill points and no special skills. You should clearly go with copies of Gordon or Edana for sure, depending on how much Barter you want. Neither Barter nor skill points are purchasable, but training in some skills—which otherwise requires skill points—is purchasable up to certain levels. If you can put off increasing certain skills via skill points, and pay for training instead, Barter may pay off handsomely. In particular, you may be able to train up all of your characters in a broad array of skills due to a surfeit of cash. So it seems the best route would be to make a party with 4 copies of Edana, put minimal points into First Aid, Herbcraft, Hardiness, and Defense (likely zero!), and purchase those up to max from Bituitus. Same applies to other skills available from trainers, depending on how soon you can get to them (and raise the cash). FYI, the way to do this in N:R (took some figuring out) is to start a new game, editing Edana only for how you want skills and traits. Then drop all your characters' starting gear and rebuild your party. For each character other than Edana: Move that character into character slot 3 (Edana's initial slot) using the party-order arrows. Click the "Use" button (or press U), then click the button to delete that character (upper right). Open the main menu by pressing Escape, and click Create New Character. You'll get a new Edana, with Barter 2, and can set up initial skills and traits. Click the "Use" button and then the buttons (bottom left) to rename and change the graphic for that character. After you've done that, reorder your party as you like and pick up the gear you dropped. If you forgot to edit Edana before starting the new game, you can of course delete and recreate here at this point too.
  11. This is specifically for Nethergate Resurrection. The game instructions explicitly say that the more Bartering you collectively have in your group, the better you do. Are any of the other Useful & Special skills like that? Woodscraft for example? It looks like First Aid and Herbalism just help one character—else why even have higher levels if those Useful skills cost more? It also seems that you wouldn't need more than one character with First Aid and Herbalism. What about Faerie Lore and Luck? Does everybody need a little of that, or is it best to have one party member with a lot of it?
  12. Oh that does indeed sound cheaty. Well what I wound up doing was to run strings on the binary and found all the end-game text. :-D It's a shame that four of the five endings had the same extended gameplay scene.
  13. So I am trying to do all five factions in Geneforge 5, and it looks like many of them end with the same really long battle with Ghaldring at the end, right before you get to find out how it all wraps up. I don't want to spend hours redoing the same long fight just to see the endings. Is there any way, probably via cheat codes, to speed that up?
  14. [i've updated my original post with the exact quest text.] I haven't found a way to spook him, with those creations. But:
  15. When I joined Ghaldring's faction and agreed to kill the 4 shapers, I was able to ask him for hints on how to do so. They were all clear except for the one about Taygen, which mentioned one of his spies' efforts to liberate Camp Dranir. Well I did that quest actually, the mercenary gave me a reward, and then just left! Is there some other spy who was involved in this? Ah here is the exact text:
  16. Ah I had snooped the southern canisters and missed the ones in back. Thanks much!
  17. Well I've been following this walkthrough for grins, but I'm at the stage where I should be getting war tralls, and the walkthrough doesn't actually say where or how! I may have missed my chance because Ghaldring won't talk to me about joining the rebellion, so I can't get to the Secret Access Route mentioned.
  18. Durrr. Never mind. It had dropped off the draykon and fallen somplace I didn't see it. Now I have my crystalline shroud, at last.
  19. Hey folks, I understand there is a shaped breast plate to be had in the Darkstone Mines, but darned if I can find it! I have cleared the whole area including the core, and gotten the rubble clered by the servant mind. I'm really hoping I didn't inadvertently sell it, but I normally watch the trade window like a hawk because the sell buttons are so tiny. I would just buy it from Dhonal Keep but unfortunately my reputation with the Shapers needs a little boosting. :-P
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