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Better Living Through Space Travel: a Stellaris LP


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(inspired by http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/20642-alt-history-blues/)


Now that it's been out for awhile and there's DLC for me to ignore, I'm following in Dintiradan's footsteps (also thanks for the title dinti :)) and doing a thing for CK2, except with Stellaris. (note: this thread will be image heavy, so i'm resizing the images down for your bandwidth convenience. Click the images for the full version)


For those of you unaware, stellaris is exactly like CK2 in all things, except with a bit less politicking, it's in the future, and you get to be bird people. The bird people in question are the Endar, a proud race of nerds doing nerdy things for their species, while also killing any mudmen we come across. The mudmen will know why they fear the night (spoiler: it's because we have these sweet ships with lasers).



Because i'm not a coward (and also because there weren't any cool mods) the game will be in ironman mode for your pleasure. Also, starting all the empires kind of on the same foot because last game i got a more advanced empire mad at me and that was less than fun.


Our story begins with our great cosmic nest: Shantar Prime. Located in a true jewel of a system we have called Shantar. Unfortunately we enlightened Endari were too busy developing wormhole travel and advanced spaceships to explore the other planets in our system. Squawk.



Haatrek, the captain of the most honorable science vessel Vehement Hatchling, plots a course around the Shantar system to see what all the fuss is. Meanwhile, his colleagues landside start working on some valuable research to speed us along on our conquest of the stars!



Our fledgling empires place in the stars:






more to come!

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Our directive is clear. We, the great Endar, must show the galaxy the meaning of knowledge, and we shall show the mudmen the afterlife.


But all things have a beginning, in our case a humble beginning. Gross incompetence by our predecessors mean we know as much about the planets of our system as we know of those in star systems we haven't even been to! It will take almost a year to discover what would have been discovered centuries ago, were our ancestors not to busy preening and killing each other. Sad!


Our Great Star Flock (three corvettes) embarks through a wormhole to our nearest neighboring star, a system with a planet scientists say could be well-suited to raise our hatchlings. As expected, there is no signs of the mudmen on the other side, so our construction ship plans a route to build an additional wormhole station. It isn't necessary now, but in the future this sector will be packed with interstellar vessels.


The Great Star Flock continues on to our other neighbor, discovering it too is free of the filth of the mudmen.


Lo! Our state-run media is chirping with excitement over news from Vehement Hatchling, one of our own system's planets has signs of ancient life.



After an inspection by our honorable science staff, however, it is determined that the buildings were created by unusual weathering patterns, not by an ancient alien civilization. That would be absurd! The surveying continues, with our construction staff in tow, harnessing the bountiful resources of Shantar.


With many planets ahead, the Directive commissions another research ship, Oblivious Hatchling, help study our galaxy as the great Star Flocks of our navy cleanse it of impure filth.


The investment is paid off almost immediately! Oblivious has discovered a planet bearing alien life! It is not remotely sentient, but this confirms our suspicions. We are not alone.



Even more signs follow from the Porabim system, as we discover what seems to be ruins of an alien amusement park. The discoveries shoot our scientific knowledge forward significantly.


In fact, the first five years of our mission shoots Endari knowledge on aliens forward at never-even-imagined levels. No less than four higher forms of life are discovered, and several artifacts hinting at others are also discovered. The Directorate's science staff is stretched thin performing all the necessary research. It doesn't help that several of the creatures found act with hostility towards our research vessels.


Our corner of the galactic community after only five years:


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