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Can someone please help me locate an old game that I've been trying to locate.


I have been trying to look for Homeland and can't seem to find the game. Spiderweb no longer distributes the and hasn't in years and the authors site has long since been shut down. I know it's been made freeware by the developer but finding a download of the game has proven impossible and the closest I have gotten is finding the game install through Web Archive, only issue is the download stalls at 37% which means it can't be finished.

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What is this game? I tried to find out a bit about it but that link is straight to an exe download and that sure as hell isn't happening until I know more about it. Google didn't show me much that seemed relevant either.


Anyone care to share some info with me?


It's Homeland: The Stone of Night, an RPG formerly published (but not developed) by Spiderweb Software. Searching for the full title should give you a little more information, but in short, it was not a commercial success and the developer isn't around any more.

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It's a game that we've loved to hate on these forums, like most of the third-party games Spiderweb dabbled in publishing (exceptions being Lost Souls and more significantly SubTerra). Having played only the demo long ago, I remember it as having clunky, too-fast combat, uninspired writing, and ugly graphics. Nothing in particular to recommend it. And I believe people who did play through it said it later suffers from vast, empty areas and a continuously uninteresting plot.


—Alorael, who just realized (or maybe re-realized, it's been a while) that SubTerra was the success of external games and also shares a subterranean theme with Spiderweb's flagship series. Not much else, but hey, lots of caves. Maybe Spidweb is all about literal as well as figurative bedrock support by fans.

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