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OBoE Enhancement Documentation


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Hello. This topic is to discuss ideas on how best to document the changes made in OBoE. Do people have any ideas on a good way to do this?


  • Node limit has been removed.
  • Command key is an interrupt allowing a quit option during node execution for debugging.
  • Petrification touch has been added/fixed.
  • Select PC now allows random PC selection by CPU.
  • Town Hostile node has been changed to a Set Attitude node.
  • Give Mage and Priest Spell nodes now have ability to access level 1-3 spells as well as take any spell away.
  • Town visibility node has been fixed.
  • Version of OBoE is stored at beginning of save file for better tracking.
  • Pointers to flags and associated values allow variable-like input to nodes.
  • Campaign flags allow communication between scenarios.
  • Relevant affect PC nodes now affect monsters as well.
  • If a monster dies during a node, it will no longer throw an error. Likewise with any other special called during a special execution.
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Updated the list. Eventually I will prepare a more thorough documentation. There are still many other features/fixes to be done.


Note that these mostly apply to the Mac version. Some work will need to be done porting the OBoE changes to PC.

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