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Getting into Vale of Sould

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I'm not sure what you're talking about. Like Randomizer, it's been quite a while since I played through (probably too long...I ought to play N:R again sometime!), and what you're saying doesn't ring any bells. Let's try to figure out where you are stuck exactly. I'll attach a screenshot of the zone's automap (so yeah, kind of a spoiler, I guess). Can you narrow down where you're getting stuck?


[spoileralt=Map of Vale of the Sould]


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Aha. It turns out that telling us you're in the the Vale of the Sould when you're not would go a long way toward explaining why advice about Vale of the Sould is not helping you advance. :p The map I posted is for Vale of the Sould in N:R, FYI.


If, as Randomizer hypothesizes, you are at the Hall of the Lamp instead...


In Hall of the Lamp, you can access only one side of the zone, contingent on whether you are Celt or Roman. The Celts can get into the west side (you'll have to cast the Sever Seal spell to do so), the Romans get into the east side. If you fully explore whichever side your party has access to, you'll find and kill an enemy who will give you another key. With it, you may pass through gate at the north end of the central hall. If you've explored one side and gotten into the north area, you've done all you can do.


Based on what you say, it sounds like you're playing playing Celt, you've cleared the western side and the northern area, and now you're done. You can't get into the eastern side unless you're the Romans. If you're not at Hall of the Lamp, please double check exactly where you are and exactly what quest you're trying to fulfill. Wherever you are, it's not Vale of the Sould.

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If I'm interpreting this correctly, you have the quest to destroy 10 urns, which are in the Vale of the Sould. You are not in the Vale of the Sould, you are in a completely different dungeon. (The skull door in this dungeon will not ever open, as Celts.)

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