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What J-Rpgs does Jeff Play or Has Played ?

Valdain the King

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I usually never finish any of them but they are still fun for maybe 10 hours. Has jeff come and said what games in that area genre he has played? I got halfway through BoFire 3 and spent 30 hours on that one, but didnt like the 2nd part of the game so bailed on that one.


Currently playing Digital Devil Saga 1 on ps2. Its an interesting genre-Scifi-horror-jrpg. Pretty cool, but lame as there are no weapon/item system. Then there is FFantasy Series which is alright. I really like X-2 but I quit after 10 or 12 hours.


Wild Arms is a wild west jrpg though the one I played wasnt too good. It was too slow-Wild Arms 3. Magical Starsign was awesome and I really like that one.


Like I said they are fun and I dabble in them but dont spend too much time with them. I just wanted to see what titles jeff has played if anyone knows.

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