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Bush and Kerry to be wed on Brokeback

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Has the world gone upside down? Do cats and dogs now live together?


No, something even more strange has happened. I tried out BoE for the 5th time, and I kinda liked it....


I have bashed this game for fun and no profit for years, and now I kind of like it!


So BoEers, I need recommendations on a couple of custom scenarios suitable for my beginner talent (read, no silly hard combat) that tells a fun story. Size matters, to an extent.



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Everyone will tell you something different, no doubt. I'll suggest Nephil's Gambit, which has by far the most interesting and believable story of any scenario I've ever seen. The story is well-delivered, and the gameplay and writing are both solid, full of wonderful details.


Also, it's one of exactly two scenarios I've seen (and the only one for BoE) that build on the world of Exile in a way that makes any sense whatsoever. I can't recommend it enough.

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Adventurer's Club is pretty good for a beginner scenario, assuming you don't mind a very big scenario with a large amount of (not terribly difficult) combat and occasionally getting stuck for a while.


Nephil's Gambit is also good, with an excellent storyline (one of the best, I think), the combat isn't too hard, and it's big without being as massive as Adventurer's Club. However, you WILL need to consult the walkthrough at one point.


I tend to think Nightfall is a really good scenario to start with. The combat's easy, there's a lot of humour, and since there's three ways through, if you get stuck going one way, you can backtrack and try another.


Originally written by Lazarus.:

Emulations, Roots, and Apology are easily the best 3 of the scenarios I've played (Although Roots has crazy hard combat.) Outside of those, I'd also recommend Drizzt's trilogy.

Apology isn't a walk in the park, either. Emulations isn't too hard, though perhaps it would be better to play the other scenarios in Stareye's series first (even though the links are pretty loose).


Drizzt's trilogy (The Forsaken, Brotherhood Of The Hand, Shadow Of The Stranger) are very good scenarios, becoming increasingly so with each installment. Brotherhood and Shadow are a bit tricky in places, but after Forsaken you should be okay. One point - the readme doesn't specify this, but the plot of Brotherhood makes a lot more sense if you play as a human singleton, and all the scenarios make more sense if you use different parties for each.


I wish I could recommend one of my own scenarios, but they're all crazy-hard. frown

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There's been a goodly number of Scenarios named and they're all good, solid stories.

I'd add "Quest for the Crown" as a simple, but enjoyable story for the biginner, but by far I think Tatterdemalion would be my strong recommendation.

Although it doesn't rank as most people's 'favorite', it is written with an introduction that gives you the choice to complete the story as Fighters, Priests, or Mages.

This makes this Scenario, IMNSHO, my favorite recommendation for any Beginning Player. There are variations to each version that keep your attention, but the bottom line is that it will give the Beginning Player an opportunity to try each form of Party. A good experience for future playing. If, however, you are an experienced Player, this Scenario may not be 'deep' enough for you. In which case, all the above will satisfy a need to 'learn' BoE games.

P.S.: There just happens to be a detailed 'Walk Through' at Jewels' Web Site, "TrueSite for Blades".

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