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Hi I'm new here and I've started a geneforge lets play


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Hi everyone, i'm new to the forums and was just wondering if people could check out my new Geneforge lets play. I'm planning on playing some other games on the side and hope you could check it out. As most people know it's not easy to become a Youtuber or gain a footing on Youtube when most people would rather watch Pewdiepie or other huge gaming Youtubers but I really want to give Youtube a try.


Now I want to be clear, I'm not begging for anyone to subscribe, I'm not begging for likes or views (I don't have ad-sense so that would be pointless), I just want people with a like minded interested to come and check the channel out and give some feedback. Please be aware that I have certain restrictions as to when I can record and what I record with so please keep that In mind. My commentary for the first part isn't the greatest and neither are my editing skills with what little software I have to edit with. I'm definitely wanting to get better grade stuff but at the moment I'm trying to find a job to supplement for the time being.


With that out of the way I want to introduce myself properly, my actual name is Jack, I'm 18 years old from England and i've recently finished a 2 year college course which has landed me with an extended diploma, in what you ask, the performing arts. I took this because I enjoy entertaining people, I wanted to be an actor but I soon found that I preferred doing Voice over. With this i've looked through different avenues but Voice acting and Voice over isn't something that is easy to find here in the UK so I wanted to find new alternatives to help further me into this industry. I then came across YouTube and there are many people who've been given offers through YouTube. It sort of acts as a stepping stone. I didn't really know how to approach this do skits, podcasts, but ultimately decided on video games, as most of my life i've played them and loved them. The reason why I chose Geneforge, well I really enjoy the series, I played it while back but never really got back into it and doing these YouTube videos really got me back into the game and i really want to do more of them.


Now lastly why am I asking for people to come and check this out, well to be honest I want to have a community, a community of like minded people who enjoy what I do, Geneforge and video games, otherwise I feel like a crazed old man who mutters to himself, although I feel like that already. Once again I'm not begging you to subscribe, I'm not begging you to leave a like and I'm not begging you to watch the videos I upload. I'm just politely asking if you could. If you don't want to that's fine, I'll try and find some other alternative to getting myself out there, but if you could I would thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Please leave something constructive in the comments of my videos and I hope to try and upload as much as I possibly can. I really want to meet some awesome people in this community and I know that with videos sometimes it's even better to gain a group of people who enjoy the same thing.


Anyway here's the channel for those who want to check it out:

https://www.youtube....activity_view=3 (can't help the old username, fault of being a young teenager at some point in my life

and here's my first video of Geneforge:



As i've said I want to do more but I want to gather a community of like minded people and I will most definitely continue to complete this game and the others. Anyway thank if you've bothered to read this and thank you if you checked my videos out. I will continue on these forums anyway as I want to meet some cool like minded people and until I speak to more of you, I'll see you around.

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I'm watching now. Although I notice that it has been less than a month since you started and already there are 3 series underway. I just want to mention that this is normally a pretty big warning sign of an uncommitted youtuber.


I'll add more feedback once I have watched some more videos.


EDIT: Well, I had a chance to watch your Geneforge stuff. Not bad for a new youtuber. Sound was pretty good. However, you appear to have stopped uploading that since the 9th. You also started Starbound on the 8th although the last video from that was the 16th. But then a new series started with Skyrim on the 22nd. I wish you the best of luck with your channel but I'm not going to watch LP's of very lengthy games such as these when you currently average 4.3 videos per playlist before you give up.

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