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Moving onto AV3: some questions about it

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So I've finished AV2 a while ago; it was a bit disappointing to me since it was way too similar to AV1. I would have even believed if somebody said it is a mod of AV1. Not to mention the first 1/3 was downright linear; understand the intention but man, I felt playing JRPG or something.


I gave AV3 a shot and now it seems to bring some new changes, however slight they might be! I recovered my taste for the series and thinking of playing AV3 now.


1. Anything I should know before playing AV3? I do have read the header post about some towns being devastaed as time passes by, and I'm thinking of using the editor to reset the day from time to time if needed.


2. Any major differences of AV3 from its predecessors? For example, I heard that damage calculation formula changed from AV1 & AV2. So are there any skills that became much weaker or stronger?


Any other information or recommendation is welcomed. Thanks in advance :)

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NPCs that are dead add flavor text to the world, but don't contribute to the quests. You won't miss much.


Some monsters are immune to certain damage types like fire so having different spells helps.


Have lots of different saves so you don't lose too much time if you have to replay an area. This game makes it easy to wander into an area above your level or a one way dungeon that requires you to go through and doesn't allow you to retreat.

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Hi everyone!


I've been playing Avernum 3 for at least 1 year, currently passing Day 139. I still don't understand how to obtain corpses of the monsters required for many errands (jobs) given by the dispatchers in Krizsan, Spineridge, Sharimik.. (e.g. Slay Chitrach larva and take its body to Meiko in Bolton..)


Thanks a lot for enlightening me :-)


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If you kill in combat the named monster, then a message appears at the bottom that you get the desired monster parts for delivery. Then it's off to the destination and the person there that wanted the parts. Most of the monsters are common or at least can be regularly found in certain places.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Insanity brings enlightenment. :)

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