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Is it just me?

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Even on easy, Geneforge 4 seems insanely hard (like on torment level) I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I'm playing a singleton infiltrator, but everything is so expensive and it's so hard to raise her stats so she can be a tank.


Any advice or working editor that would work on a Mac OS 10.10.3? I'm so frustrated! I can't count my endless stupid deaths

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Geneforge 4 is one of the least singleton-friendly games in the series, due to changes in game mechanics and the introduction of powerful new creations. It can be done, though. If you're playing an Infiltrator, being tanky isn't the best strategy for survival: it's much better to invest in Mental Magic and Spellcraft to daze and charm enemies so that you can pick them off one at a time instead of fighting them all at once.

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