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Doom Moon help needed


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* Search for the secret door behind the Lich's throne and take the Earth Gem (5,23).

* Search for a secret door at the rakhshasa's (16,4) and get the Air Gem (23,3).

* The southern stairway (21,29), leads to a portal back to CATACOMBS L1.



* Did you summon a haakai in the PRIESTS CHAMBERS? Guess who is here. Haky the Haakai is "waiting" and he will open the "gate" for you (step at 37,28, before the central portcullis, after talking to him).

Of course, if you feel strong enough or Haky isn't there, you can always go through the trapped way: go through the secret passage at 32-33,24 and follow on.

* Kujully's secret lab is in the SW section of this dungeon (enter from 28,38, just SW of the Portal doors). Read the book at 4,40 to know how the Portal operates.

* Also, you can learn Revive All from the Bookshelf at 6,36 (secret passages from 11,38 to 7,38).

* "Portal": one power gem at each rune: Air on NW (31,39), Earth on NE (43,29), Water on SW (31,43), Fire on SE (43,43). Step on any of the portals and you'll be teleported to the DARK SHRINE.

Don't forget to take back the four power Gems when you come back from Hell!


See Gizmo's Comprehensive BoE Walkthroughs !

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