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divinely touched in A2

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pretty much useless to get unless plays on harder difficult.


by Matt P: Divinely touched: Gives small bonuses with everything- it acts kind of like it's a lesser version of all the above abilities. It also gives the lay on hands, natural curing, and summon shade special abilities. Not so hot, because of the significant experience penalty. It's an excellent starting ability, however, especially on harder difficulty levels.

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Divinely Touched increases your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence by 1 point at level 1 plus 1 point every 8th level. It also gives you three special abilities, usable once per day. The most significant of these abilities is Divine Aid, which is a kind of super haste and bless (doubles your AP and greatly reduces the damage you take from enemy attacks).

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Earth Empires:

You have previously been asked not to act as an "information supplier" in game board threads, unless you are 100% sure about the information you are supplying. So, if you don't have the information without using google or consulting a walkthrough, please just let it go. Let somebody else answer the question or make the correction.

Please consider this a final warning on the quoted request. Hume answered the question that was being asked -- does Divinely Touched also provide stat boosts in A2 -- with clear information. As usual, you have surrounded this helpful answer with unhelpful posts that everyone else has to sort through. You posted twice, repeated yourself, quoted one unreliable walkthrough, linked to one site (Harehunter's) that repeated what you said for a third time, and then linked to a wiki that unhelpfully regurgitates the in-game description of the skill.

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