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Serious Script Problem


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Oh man. My game somehow got very screwed up and I didn't do anything. I am at the point in the game right after you kill the Vahnatai and come back to Formello and see the shade. Now I am getting the following message:

Dialouge Script Error: in line 167


Notice there is a scape or two after the colon, making me think something the only problem is a space somewhere. Note that I have not modded any scripts in this game, but I have done other ones so I kinda know what's wrong.

Now all I get when I talk to people is a blank. No words or anything. All I see is that I am able to exit the conversation.


My real question is where is the Dialouge script? Is it in the save game or is it in the script folder? If so, which one is it. If anyone is having problems like this or can help, please reply.

(Oh, and I'm just playing demo, but >>was<< planning on getting the full game)

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The file you want is z122formeldlg.txt in the Scripts folder.


Odd that you're getting an error in line 167, though. Assuming that BBEdit's line count matches A4's, line 167 should only be run after you kill the shade.


All I can suggest is that you try leaving the area and returning after getting the error, and see if that fixes things.

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Well it doesn't go away or anything when I go to a different sector. And there really isn't a space in line 167, except

if(gf(40,11) > 0)

xxxxxxxxx^ ^ here and here. confused


It's kind of silly. I am thinking about just going to the castle in the darkness and getting the wand, or however you do it, and making that little thread come true. If that doesn't work, Ill just reinstall A4 hoping that will fix it. If a mod or someone knows what's up please help.

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