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Giant Unfriendly Evil Spellcasting Talking Spiders

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Considering their ability to cast spells it is quite possible the Aranea are capable of speech, though I always imagined they chose not to talk because of their high pitched, chirpy, happy sounding voices. Did the Aranea queen in Nethergate have a high pitched voice? I can't remember. Also was it sort of implied the GIFTs in Avernum did in fact originally come from the world of Nethergate? It's been a while since I played and I can't recall the GIFTs origin story all that well.

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If it made sense then we would lose less of our sanity while playing, we can't have that. While I vaguely, sort of, maybe subscribe to the idea that Genefore and Avernum are related, I believe that N:R takes place on a different planet than the others (which would of course not prevent the GIFTS from moving from Avernum to Nethergate).

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