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Galactic Core Registration


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Hey all,


Does anyone have a copy of registered Galactic Core? I lost my original copy about 5 computers ago (and about a decade and a half ago), and would love to play through it again. I know it wasn't very popular, but the nostalgia factor is really high for me.

I've searched all over online and could only find the trial version.


Thanks for the help!

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I don't know. Spiderweb has all of the Jeff Vogel games, of course, but it also published Richard White's games, and it may well have done nothing but distribute codes. If they were able to produce codes they could always register their own, but for all I know Jeff doesn't even have any of the games and would have to scrounge around the internet for demos to register.


—Alorael, who is quite sure Jeff has no interest in selling GC or the other Richard White Games games anymore. They were never exactly popular, and most of the money was supposed to go to someone who may not actually be reachable anymore. And they're distinctly different and pretty universally seen as worse compared to Jeff's games, so he may not want that stuff diluting the Spiderweb brand.

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Earth Empires sent me a link to one. Thanks again!


There's plenty of demos out there for the third-party stuff, but I couldn't find a registered copy.


@Kelandon and Alorael: I didn't want to bother Jeff or anyone else at Spiderweb with something so trivial, so thought I'd try the forums. Galactic Core is TERRIBLE compared to Jeff's awesome games, but it was something I played with my older brother growing up and so had enough nostalgic appeal to try hunt down.

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GC ain't just SW game: "Spiderweb Software and Chromite Software, the makers of Lost Souls and Ocean Bound, announce the upcoming release of Galactic Core, a game of exploration, strategy and carnage in the depths of space."




No idea what happened to Chromite Software.


On old old forums Zeviz said that some1 had bought GC from SW but ~7.5 years old post so .......

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