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Chronological order?

Amy Walker

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Exile, Avernum, and the new Avernum are the same basic game, remade several times. (And Nethergate: Resurrection is a remake of Nethergate.) Everything else is an independent series, where chronological order doesn't really matter.


If you want to go from least advanced engine to most, in chronological order within each series, it would be:


Nethergate: Resurrection

Geneforge series

Avadon series

Newest Avernum series (A:EftP, forthcoming Avernum 2 and 3 remakes, Avernum 4-6)


(Or arguably Avernum before Avadon, rather than after.)

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Chronological order of release is a little bit messy; series overlap. It's roughly like this:




Avernum, original trilogy


Avernum, second trilogy

Nethergate: Resurrection (actually in the middle of Geneforge and the Second Trilogy)


Avernum, remake of original trilogy


—Alorael, who otherwise thinks Kel's response conveys story order perfectly.

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Here are the games, clumped by year and by "engine":


Exile (1994-1997; Blades in 1997)

Nethergate (1999)
Avernum 1-3 (2000-2002; Blades in 2004)
Nethergate: Resurrection (2007)

Geneforge (2001-2008)
Avernum 4-6 (2005-2009)

Avadon (2011- )
New Avernum (2012- )


Different series and games may have some big engine differences, but the games clumped within a given "engine" here definitely have the most internal workings in common.


In terms of remakes, we have:


Exile > Avernum 1-3 > New Avernum


Avernum 4-6 > New Avernum (presumably)


Nethergate > Nethergate: Resurrection


Thus, while "Avernum Remakes" is technically accurate, it's a little misleading since the original Avernum games were also remakes.

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I wish he'd make new games rather than remakes, though. If he put all of his focus on Avadon, then he'd get the series finished in half the time. Then just be on to a new series after that. Anyone know why he likes to remake the Avernum series so much?

See this topic for discussion of this issue. Please don't clutter up this thread with it.

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