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  1. Thanks a lot for all the help.
  2. I'm a bit confused about all of the remakes and re-remakes and series. What is the chronological order to play all of the Spiderweb games in?
  3. 1. Healthcare is a service, not a right. Either buy it or don't. It's very wrong to force someone else to pay for your own medical wants if you would prefer other investments. There are numerous programs, both state and private, that prevents the poor from being priced out and provides discounted medicines for those that cannot afford regular treatment for illnesses. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions in R&D and that needs to be made up. Telling them that they must give it up for nothing will only hurt us all as they cease researching advances at the same rate. The last thing we need is to give the state even greater power of the people and more financial commitments. 2. Education is also a service. Invest into it or don't. I paid for my own education without going into debt and whilst making approximately $11,000 a year. I don't want to hear people make excuses about how it isn't affordable to the poor. You just need to learn fiscal discipline and patience. I should not be forced to pay for the education of another who isn't taking it seriously. 3. The internet too. Buy the service or don't. Do not force others to pay your way. 4. Two consenting adults are the only authority on when they can reproduce. It is not an issue for anyone else to have a say in. If they reproduce recklessly and then apply for or continue to use services than they must be prepared to live with the consequences if they are cut-off. 5. It should be prohibited unless extraordinary conditions are met, but then everyone has their own idea of what torture actually is. To some torture goes as far as water-boarding, which personally I find ridiculous. The current definition of the UN is extremely vague and needs to be revised. Such an extraordinary condition may include an imminent chemical, biological, nuclear attack, or simular extreme situations. 6. If a person is of sound mental health, of a sufficient age, and their spouse agrees then I believe it should be permissible. Though I believe it should be heavily deterred for the sake of changing their mind. 7. Treason, espionage, desertion, terrorism, murder, and crimes against humanity should be the only situations in which the death penalty should be an option. A military in which it’s permissible to desert, betray, or commit espionage will not win a single battle. There must be absolute punishments to ensure such situations are minimized. History has taught us this lesson as often as we have been at war. Crimes against humanity should also be punishable by death, but only once judged by an international jury, As humanity itself is international. 8. The only situation when abortion should be legal is in the event of rape or the health of the mother is at risk. Otherwise take responsibility for creating life. Excluding rape and father-abandonment, then at bare minimum both the mother and father must both agree to an abortion. I won't hear about the sexist policy of excluding the father from deciding whether or not his own child is killed or not. The child came from my eggs and his sperm. My body is only its protective house until it can survive outside of it. Both the mother and father should be equal in the decision. 9. A tricky question, but in my opinion Human life begins when the first brainwave forms inside the womb. I could be convinced that it begins at conception, but It would need to be a compelling argument. 10. Go to war or don't. Just because it's a bigger bomb changes nothing. Its a weapon designed to kill in the most efficient way possible, and the object of war is to force the other-side to concede in the most one-sided way possible. If people want to ensure that no-one but combatants are killed then give everyone swords again. I can't guarantee that the other side will agree to also use swords, but hey, at least you're guaranteed to only kill who you intend.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm playing my first game and after twenty hours I'm just now wondering out of the North-West part of the map. It's an amazing experience that brings back so many memories from when I played the Exile demos as a little kid [sadly, no matter how much I begged my parents, I was never allowed to buy the games.] I can't say how amazing this game is in words alone- Spiderweb has something really special. Anyways I've hit a bit of confusion over the improve attribute traits. As I read it, and please correct me if I have it wrong, each level the character gains will improve the corresponding attribute by +1, up to a total of 5 additional points. However, what happens when I improve the trait rank to level two? Will the cap then become +10?
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