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Geneforge 4 editor?


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I'm wondering the same thing. Both the links don't work for me.


However I did receive this reply when I asked on another thread


The Strategy Central thread is mainly for storing links, not holding discussion, hence the lack of posts there. :)


I would guess, based on the lack of responses to the November 2014 post asking for an editor, that no one has a working a editor, which means you're out of luck. If any of the forum regulars at this point had one, they'd have responded.


One thing you might try would be to send a PM to the creators of the missing editors. There's no guarantee they're even still around / will respond, but it can't hurt.


Edit: Emperor Tullegolar was perma-banned years ago for major infractions and consequently hasn't been seen in ages; you won't get any help from that quarter. So your only hope would be a PM to Microphage.

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