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Finding a wolf to slay

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In Avernum 3, I have a job from the job board that requires me to slay a wolf and take its body to someone. Problem is, I appear to have exterminated all the wolves from the game (I'm fairly far along in my quests). Is there anywhere that they respawn or possibly an obscure dungeon I might have overlooked that would still have some in it? I've got lots of time to complete it, but if I can't find a wolf, it won't happen!

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You could use the editor to reset towns if you really wanted to finish the quest...


Alternatively, you can just forget the quest. I think you're punished for failing a quest by not being allowed to take another for a number of days, but I'm not sure on the hard numbers. Might be worth it, since money isn't really an issue in A3 anyway.

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