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Grain of Salt

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Originally written by WonkoTheSane:
Okay, I'm in the lich's tower, in the Mountains of Faith section. I searched every square for a secret passage, and I'm losing essence fast. I still don't have the "necessary magic" to go into the other sections. What do I do?
Follow the path until you can go no further, then turn back and start searching for secret passages again.

Also, where can I recharge essence?
Various places. Don't worry; once you're past Bully Joel's quest (the one you're doing right now), there isn't anywhere that you're likely to run out of essence (except maybe the beholder at the very end, and that's completely optional).

If you're desperately low on essence, once you find Joel's essence, you can drink it yourself to get a big recharge. Warning: this has consequences, both short-term and long-term.
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It's entirely possible that I'm just dumb, but still no secret passages. I went to the very end, then turned around and repeatedly headbanged every section of mountain in the place. Is the secret passage on a "high mountains" graphic or a regular one?


(Why'd Brett have to password THIS scenario, but not DoTS? Why?)

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