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Used to Avernum, but want to buy Exile


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I used to own Avernum 3 on my old and relatively crappy computer, and found it quite enjoyable. I've played the demo of Blades of Exile even longer before and found it very different.


My real question is, being used to Avernum, will buying blades of Exile cause me to learn the system all over, or will it be strangely familiar, if somewhat outdated?


Id prefer to buy BoE over BoA because of the multitude of Scenarios available, along with the floating idea around the boards that the BoE editor is somehow better, therefore allowing for better scenarios.

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BoE DOES have a lot more scenarios(and this may well be the case ALWAYS for a variety of reasons) and it is easer to create custom graphics and scenarios for. Also BoE has a greater selection of tactically more satisfying spells(how can you have a game with no "fireball"??)


But that is about the extent of advantages for BoE over BoA.


BoA has a full scripting language, better game mechanics in general, can do pretty much anything BoE can do plus 100 times more!


If you buy BoE now(to enjoy all of teh quality scneraiors for that game/constuction set), you can still buy BoA later and get the $15 price for being a registered BoE user(and by then there may be a lot more scenarios available for BoA).

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The Blades demo should give you some idea of what the spells, user interface etc. are like.


Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum are different. There may be a wider selection of commands available in the Blades of Avernum editor but the scenario designers have made more inventions with the BoE editor over the years. (Although some of those tricks, like cutscenes, are more easily done with BoA language.)


Because scripting language is more difficult than BoE editor, there may not be as many BoA scenarios in the next five years as there are BoE scenarios now. Blades of Avernum has also its own limitations. If I'm correct, the town limit is still 100? It's possible to make about 170 town scenarios with Blades of Exile. (I think The Adventurer's Club 3 uses the maximum number of towns.)


(EDIT: OK, so that wasn't one of the worse features then smile )


So, my advice would be the same as SkeleTony's, if you can get used to BoE's differencies.

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