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Wand of Carrunos for blameless assassinations?

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I just played Nethergate: Resurrection after a decade out of the Spiderweb loop and I think I may have found a practical use for the Wand of Carrunos. I tried searching the forums, but it doesn't appear that anyone has posted this before.


Quite a few towns and similar areas populated by friendly creatures also have at least a few hostile creatures, usually in a locked room to prevent them from roaming and killing townspeople. In Hagfen, I had a bit of fun baiting Ice Lizards, Dark Wolves and Basilisks and leading them into the tower. While they were able to overcome the fomorian guards, the witches would always finish them off. It was only later, as my party of Romans was about to assassinate the Rose Lady, that I realized that I had a couple of Wands of Carrunos that might give the hostile fomorians scattered around the Hollow Hills a fighting chance (unfortunately, I had already slain the Vapor Rat).

So I hid my party in the Rose Lady's chambers, set one character as active and had him release the fomorians in the recreation district. The Huge Fomorian was quick to pursue him, and by constantly keeping a few squares ahead and using the Wand of Carrunos I was able to power him up in time for the first guards. The fomorian cut down six Faery Warriors before the Rose Lady and her sole remaining guard brought him down. I tried doing the same with the larger group near the shopping district, but with her Slow spells and summoned creatures, they were no match for the Rose Lady. Still, my party had little trouble dispatching her in her weakned state and without any guards to protect her.


I think that if I had baited creatures from all three locations (the Vapor Rat and two Huge Fomorians) and had them attack the Rose Lady at the same time, they might have had better luck.


Apart from the Hollow Hills, another area where I noticed the presence of trapped Huge Fomorians (leading me to believe that this must be intentional) is Selkiehome. If one boosted fomorian was enough to take down six Faery Warriors (fighting as many as three or four at once), several of them should be able to wreak terrible havoc on the relatively weak selkies, possibly slaying their chief and allowing you to obtain his pelt without dirtying your own hands. Once again, I had already cleared out Selkiehome before I thought to use the Wand of Carrunos.


Some facts:


- Hostile creatures seem to favor your party until an NPC actually attacks them, so it is important to keep your main party somewhere close to the intended target.


- Exactly how many shots of the Wand of Carrunos are required to turn your targets into suitably lethal killing machines is unclear to me, as I am not intimately familiar with the stats and combat mechanics of Nethergate/Blades of Avernum. I usually went with at least three or five while experimenting, and I think the effect levelled out after enough shots.

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Thank you. :)

As anyone with a few games under their belt knows, always do the opposite of what the game says (but save first).


Well, I started to have my suspicions that there was a way to handle assassinations without incriminating yourself when I stopped by the cell with the fomorians in Selkiehome. Why else would there be powerful hostiles like Huge Fomorians locked up in otherwise friendly towns?

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