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If I remember correctly, Alcritas made this scenario in order to get rid of any 'unsolved mysteries' before he stopped designing, such as Sovereign's and Sage's indentities, Cornell's secret, etc.

I tend to think of the ending as an ending that leaves possibilities for future sequels (no matter how unlikely they are to be made), rather than a true cliffhanger.

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Though I too expected something more elaborate, I felt that what Al had to say was said throughout the other Secnarios of "The Arc".

Remember things like the brutalized young girl in the Dungeon? His Scenarios had the 'feel' of one who understands what the eternal struggle of war is really all about

As I reached the end of this ending, I was reminded of the Sonny & Cher song, "And the beat goes on...."

Don't we all know that, "The War is never truly over."?

With all he had done throughout the Arc, I doubt that any elaborate ending would have been proper anyhow. This did aptly serve his purposes.

And, yes, I was impressed and thankful for his works.


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