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In need of advice before clashing with the BoA Editor Demon


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I'm still playing BoA with intention to win all or at least most of the third-party scenarios, but I have also felt the need to at least try to create a little scenario. Though being greatly inspired by other designers here, I'm afraid it coud (or does) require significant programing/coding/other skills which I don't have.


I wonder if there is something I need to learn before I even start doing anything with the editor... if someone can point me to a topic similar to this which I might have missed, please do;

I'm simply unsure if I should go down this road without knowing the basics...

Any advice is appreciated!



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Read the documentation that comes with the editor and keep referring to it as you work. Use one of the 3D editors (linked in the forum header) and read the design articles (also linked in the forum header). And then start trying things and comparing what you're doing to what has been done in scenarios that you're familiar with. And keep checking the docs.


It's a little difficult to get going, but once you get it, you get it and can do a lot.

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