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Demo maxing out


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Is this a glitch or something, but when playing demo of BoE (Valley of Dying Thigs) you can edit the starting city (You shouldn't have the permission to play it when edited). So even if you haven't registered, you can get your stuff and spells maxed out by putting cheap shops in there and using character editor on your party several times (9999 gold). So, do you know is it meant to be this way?

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I don't know if this is a glitch.

However, if you alter any scenario, you are not really playing that scenario any more.

Is it not better to try and meet the challenge of the scenario?

As far as I know, the character editor is to help you out if you get stuck in a scenario (e.g. a bug) or if you have difficulty with the combat or whatever.

As far as I know, experienced BoE players do not like to use the character editor or scenario editor very much. They like to meet the challenge of a BoE scenario with the recommended party or much lower.

The skilled BoE player may attempt any scenario with a (small) beginner level party - and prefer to do it this way. They will never use the character editor to gain gold or spells or resurrection etc.

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