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Blades of Exile Under GPL, Version 2


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It's late Saturday, June 10th, and I've just uploaded Blades of Exile Source Code, Release 3. The source will now be available under the GPL, version 2. The web site should be updated Sunday morning. I'd suggest not trying to download it until then. (I'm just writing this now while stuff is fresh in my mind.)


I added a GPL notice to the main code file for each of the three programs for each platform. For code that you have already modified, it might be a good idea to copy that notice over to your version. (I should probably have put it at the top of every file, but oh well.)


Should someone create a project in Google or SourceForge or so on, please let me know, so I can link to it from the Blades of Exile source page. The sooner I have a place to send people to keep them from downloading the ugly unported code, the better.


- Jeff Vogel

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