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Linus Pauling once made a very apt analogy about ideas, which it would unfortunately be against the Code of Conduct to post here in its original form. Suffice it to say that everyone has ideas; the problem is that no idea is much use on its own.


If you work from someone else's idea, you'll never be motivated to finish. The only good reason to make a scenario is because you have something to say. Think of something you want to show people, then think of a story that will show it.

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Might I suggest........

Everyone has something to say, feelings about what's important, at least, to them.

Think on that. Work on that.

Make notes, tie them together, You have a story.

Now, refine it, if you need, and/or add some frills, or better yet, insert some hidden objects, or side quests.

Now you're an author. Congradulations!

Submit it and I, for one, would love to "give it a whirl".

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If you wan't a storyline but really can't think up one, just play the trilogy (Exile or Avernum). Jeff left many unanswered questions that I like to think where put there for future scenario makers. some examples are Lost Bahssikava (already being done), the Avernum territory in Vallorim, the second Slith Wars, Other Vahnatie tribes, the new and improved Tower of Magi, Who was Micah's successor, what came of Pythras's revenge, what happened to Athron's children, and many others.

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