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Text problem

Zephyr Tempest

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Yes, it could be Japaneese, but since you might not have the right font to display the text, it's displayed like that. As for the Greek thing, I'm not sure...


Also, I know that if you're using Windows XP, those fonts should come up normally, either that or only when you type stuff...anyways, I hope that helps.

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From the experience I had from the japaneese language, no. And having win98 is the reason the text is being diplayed so funny. Your current OS does not have the "born" ability to display those fonts. You will need to install them manually, which is fairly easy. Finding the fonts though, is another question...

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I already installed the Japanese font on my computer. frown


When I installed the Chinese font, it worked.


Where can I install the Japanese font on my computer?


I have another question:

Is there any way to register AIM if you have a firewall?

I think I can't register AIM because I have a firewall.

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Well, for the fonts, I found that there was more than one font that could have been used. It's wierd, but japanese seems to have about three languages, or subsets of languages. Anyways, I found a site that gives some fonts, I'll update the list as I go.




And I don't know about the firewall thing. Someone else can help you on that.


EDIT: Eh,...to tired too look anymore...if you want to, just search for it on google, japanese fonts.

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If you are using IE, you will need to download a japanese plugin from Microsoft. Windows XP, as I said before, supports all languages in the IE browser. WIN98 does not. When you start up IE, go to the TOOLS menu bar. Click on Windows Update. Let it scan your computer and then click on the Windows 98 additional updates link. Add the japanese plugin to your list and download the updates. Also, if you enter a site that the browser cant identify the font of, a window should pop up saying that you need to download a language plugin from Microsoft...


Anyways, it has been a long day, and I too will be heading to sleep. What shall my dreams be this time...? I want to be a CIA agent...yes, I shall dream about being a CIA agent and saving the world from ...uh...MICROSOFT! Yes, the evil company devised a bug to stop the entire world's rotation and I shall be the one who slays the head of Bill Gates...blood and gore...icky...and then I shall wake up and wish that the experience had been real. Wow, out of all the things I write on the boards, the wierdest ones I come up with are right before I go to sleep. Now while I'm on a spree, what else shall I talk about? Oh...wait, I'm veerry slleepy and i cant see anything anymore and zzzzzzzzzzzz...


Anyways, I've ranted on a little to long, sorry about that.


Oh yes, good night, sleep tight...and let your dreams come true....goood night...sleeep tight, may your dreams come true...Adios, something something, wonderful day...



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About the Firewall/AIM thingie: I'm using a Proxy server, which is a lot like a Firewall. In the settings for AIM (I'm using Trillian, but I can look at my old messenger to see how it works), you can set the IP of a Proxy so that it logs in through that server.


I don't know if a Firewall works the same as a Proxy, but you need to find the IP address of the Firewall server, and it should be in your browser settings somewhere under connections. If it's there, copy it into the settings of the messenger. If not, I don't know what to do either.

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