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Geneforge 1 Leadership and Mechanics

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Early in the game you need 7 or 8 increasing to 10 as you head east. The main advantage is leadership allows you to join a faction without needing to do their required quest and thereby avoiding completely angering another faction that you may want to join later on in the game.


There are items that give you leadership that you can swap before talking for a little extra boost. For instance the Shining Shield is +2.

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There is a canister of Leadership in


, a tomb gives a point in


, there is a girdle and a shield giving +2 each somewhere and you can buy points for 2k a pop from Learned Halme. So don't waste too much there, skillpoints are kinda scarce in 1, you will only get up to low 20ish levelwise.

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Dark Harvest, I was very confused by your last post. It's easier for others to understand what you want if you just post a new question in your newest post, rather than adding the question to the first post of thread. :D Thanks!


As for the question...


I believe there's a servile in the Winding Road zone that teaches Mechanics (2000 coins per point, IIRC), so if you have plenty of money, you can avoid spending too many skill points on Mech. Poking around in the scripts, the highest level of Mech requirement I saw was 12. Most stuff uses less. You may need a little more than that for something, but probably not much more. I think a remember seeing somewhere that needed 14, maybe to defuse mines? So between items that boost Mech and training you can buy, you decide exactly how much you want to invest.


FYI, Learned Halm who teaches Leadership is in Drayk's Vale. And yes, the highest Leadership you'll ever need is 12.

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Highest Mechanics is

the power spirals in the Sealed Lab, you need 20 IIRC. However, you don't want that, having less Mechanics and making them explode actually makes that fight easier as they hurt the shades around them.



FYI, Learned Halm who teaches Leadership is in Drayk's Vale.

Difficult to reach early in the game, even if you have the money needed. It is possible though, if you're fast and walk through the zone in combat mode. Then again, getting through the Ancient Crypt is very difficult.


The other two teachers are also quite difficult to reach (Winding Road as mentioned and the Luck teacher in Patrol Bridge).

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