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A Really Good Tactic for Melee Builds

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Ive been using this tactic to the 10th degree. What I do is I get the 1st melee attack on an enemy before they hit first. They attack me and I slay most anything that comes after. When low/mid way in health, I run back to a corner and when out of site exit combat mode. I exit and enter until I get a safe distance from remaining enemy. I then in real time cast heal until I am full health. The enemy just lost 2-3 turns and my fighter is now at full health ready to slash again. Good times!


Im not sure though if this will work as well in the later games. Im sure it will be fine for G1-3 but 4-5 I don't know as I haven't tried yet. Has anyone used any devious tactics for their solo characters?



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Geneforge 4 made it that once you attacked you couldn't move for the rest of the turn except to search items. That would allow you to move from your current location.


In Geneforge 1 to 3 I would use speed and move around a corner to do a range attack and then retreat out of sight back around the corner. For pylons it was move up, attack, and retreat out of their range.

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A really cool tactic you can use in G1-3 is creeping up/waiting for enemy to get next to a wall. If the wall is 1 ap point from the enemy, cast haste then and you should be able to get 2 attacks with melee weapon. Its not always easy to do but so far it works in G1-3. It should work in the later games too but I haven't tried it yet. I usually only go with haste if I can afford the intelligence/blessing magic and guardians are usually weak in that area.


That tactic works ridiculously well on pylons in Mines of G1. The only problem is that you have to make it so you don't get 2 pylons targeting you. 1 will die and the other will attack after. You still have poison but at that point game its not the worst.

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