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Too much experience


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So I decide to get back into G5, and maybe finally beat it. I beat the first 4, but never actually got through the 5th. I start up a new game, blaze through "The Presence", and go meet Astoria. The thing is, I'm already level 17. I'm literally just passed the demo section. I thought it was odd. Looking back, I realized a lot of the stuff I killed gave me 40xp, even the worms and rats. So I decide to test it out. At level 17, I go gank some serviles and civilians in Minallah. 40xp, every one. They were all one hit kills.


As near as I can tell, my minimum experience gain is 40. On the one hand, I'd reach level 40 in no time. On the other, playing like this is just boring.

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Being lvl 18 or so leaving the demo is absolutely normal, nothing odd. That's the way the exp system works, you get a ton of levels in the beginning and then it slows down. I also don't think that the 40xp per enemy is a bug, they simply have the same level and thus give the same exp.

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