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The Election-save files


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Okay, I decided, since you said it had no magic, that I was going to play The Election. So I downloaded it and got everything ready, but I ran into a problem. I copied the prefab party that comes with the scenario into the folder all my other save files were, but when I loaded it up in the game, I got an error message that said "This is not an Exile II save file". confusedconfused . How do I get this to work and/or what were the attributes of that party so I can play it right?

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DB, the "Exile II save file" message is a known bug in BoE.


There are different versions of the save file for Mac and Windows. Do you have the right one for your computer?


Stats aren't very important in this scenario anyway. Just use a normal low-to-medium-level PC and name him Vandell.


By the way, if you don't want to use magic, you'll have to get by without using the healing sceptre, unless you can justify it in non-magical terms.

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Thanks for all your help, everyone, though I still can't figure out why that save file won't work, but it shouldn't really matter that much now. I'll just create my party like this:


1. Vandell. 24 HP, 5 edged, and a Bronze Knife. I'll skip the Chronic Disease for now, as it seems to me that it's just an excuse for you having to carry around some healing and curing potions to cure the poison.


Thanks again!

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