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GF2 Freaking Spawner

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I'm not sure what you mean by "can't finish the game." Inner Gazak-Uss is completely optional; it's an optional challenge area, so feel free to skip it if it's not fun.


I'm also not sure which spawner you're referring to, but there are no hidden areas or secret doors or any such thing in Gazak-Uss. If you actually have "gone all over" you'll find everything there is to find.

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Thanks for all the tries.

Well, as I said, I've been all over Inner Gazak-Uss and the nasties just keep on coming. So it seems likely there is a spawner somewhere. Also Matt P's Walkthrough mentions one, but I can't find it. I can handle the monsters all right, so maybe I'll just shrug my shoulders and leave.

So how do you finish the game. I've destroyed the Geneforge and every location is green. What more do I need to do?

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