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Weird Bug

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Alright. I was editing a town in my scenario. Town number 1. I went in to play it, and it put me in the default town, Town number 0. However, when I enter the town, it is completely black. There is some cave floor, and some adobe porticuli. I take one step, and it throws be out of the town. Not only that, but the town name was changed to something like %#&!. I went into the editor, and as soon as I started to edit the town terrain, it gave me an error message. It said I could close the program, or ignore the problem. If I ignore it, then it closes the editor anyway.


I am on XP.

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This is a known bug that manifests itself occasionally for no known reason, and doesn't happen to everyone. First of all, you didn't change the starting location to Town 1, most likely. Second, I assume you left Town 0 blank and started on Town 1. This bug only occurs in blank, unedited towns. Placing a tile or two of floor or wall will prevent this from happening, however once it happens there is no cure that I know of. It probably also added random monsters and items that don't exist to the town. Just don't use that town. If you haven't done much, though, I recommend starting over with a fresh file, just in case.

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Actually, I am starting in town 0. I had fully edited it, and it was just about complete. I would not really worry if I was not going to use it. There were no random monsters, however. If there were, I did not see them because I would take one step out in the town and be taken outside.


I am just wondering if this is a common bug, like the one you mentioned ADoS, or if there is something wrong with my computer.


Thankfully, I had sent the latest versioin to Kelandon, and he sent it back to me, so I have recovered all the lost information. This will teach me to save backups more frequently.

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