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Leaving your creations behind


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When you start a new session/ load a new saved game you get a useful hint. They flash by so quickly even at my reading speed I can't catch them. Most seem to be covered in the instructions, but I'm sure I've caught one that says you can ditch creations temporarily but can't catch the key presses to do so. Short of restarting loads of time to try to get the right hint (!) does anyone know the answer?


I'm trying to go through some areas where all my hangers-on would be a nuisance. Sadly I'm a soft touch and have been adopted by various misfits (like the abandoned Vlish) and haven't the heart to let them be killed off. They are useful on the whole and don't cost any essence points, but sometimes just me and my Fyora would do much better (at least s/he doesn't race off and set off mines etc when I don't want to!)


I suppose I could try to trap them in a room by shutting the door on them.....




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Your own creations you can leave behind by typing the number of the slot for the player character, usually 1. Type 0 to move all of them again.


Misfits run by the game's AI can only be left behind by trapping them in a room or using your creations as a wall.

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