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As Sylae noted with the state of the Blades of Exile forum, we haven't really done such a hot job of keeping up-to-date with the latest community efforts. The Blades of Avernum forum actually isn't too bad, but we've still been somewhat negligent (especially around the 3D editor). With the recent forum change though, now is a great time to stick in some updated links (and remove that broken Blades Forge link, at least until it's back online).


Ideally, I think the header should have links to the newest 3D editors, as well as the currrent list of graphics resources and articles. I'm imagining something like this (not changing things too much, but making things easier for would-be designers to find what they need):




"This forum is for discussion of the Blades of Avernum editor. Tips, design discussions, sample scripts, and questions are all welcome here. This is meant to be a place where people who are stuck whilst designing scenarios for Blades of Avernum can come for help.


Still using the old 2D editor? Why not upgrade to one of these 3D editors?


- Niemand's 3D Editor for Macintosh (v.1.0.9) can be found here: http://blades.hallsofchaos.net/downloadables/3D%20Editor/3D%20Editor%20v1.0.9(Mac).tgzz


- Tridash's 3D Editor for Windows ("Chivalrous Chitrach release) can be found here:http://redsaurus.net/blades/Chivalrous%20Chitrach.zip


New to Blades of Avernum design? Make sure to read [Kelandon's Designer FAQ]!


Other helpful resources:


The BoA Louvre - For all your graphics needs!

The Blazing Blade - Home of Luz's graphics.

Halls of Chaos - Niemand's site, home of his 3D editor, various scripts, and utilities.

Design Article Archive - A repository of articles about Blades designing.




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