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Town Layout

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I am having a little trouble designing towns. When I design them, just about everything is symmetrical. Everything is even. That kind of bothers me. I can't really make interesting town layouts. Does anyone have any advice on town building? It also takes a lot of time... does anyone have advice for this?

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Not a lot of towns I know about in the real world grow from the center out. Usually they grow wherever it is convenient. For instance, they may start on a lake or river and then move further away from that. If there is nice flat land in one area, it makes sense to expand there and not a place with hills and rocks and such.


The advice I give is to make it sensical. If it's a small village, the buildings should be scattered. Cities should have business centers somewhere and then residential areas elsewhere without looking too "planned". Something like a fort or a castle should probably have a much more planned and sensible layout.

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