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It appears that a .meg file consists of a file containing a single PICT resource, numbered 1. (I just made a cursory inspection, and did not test anything with BoE itself, just so you know.) So, you could create one either by pasting an image into a PICT resource in Rezilla and change it's number to 1 (if it isn't already). You could also use Graphic Adjuster, Resourcerer or some other program just as well it appears. Graphic converter will not work, I think, as it gives the resource a funny number (128 or something), which would need to be corrected using one of the other programs anyway.

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.bmp files can be opened with Quicktime (or Preview, for example). Sometimes the picture has to be shown in its right size when you copy it.


Open Rezilla, make a new resource map (named ___.meg) and paste. If there are other resources than ones named "pict", I'd remove them.


Select the pict resource, "get info" from the menu and change ID to 1.

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