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Beta testers, I'm looking for beta testers

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I have five scenarios I would like to release and need some betatesting done first. Here are the descriptions of each:


Bank of Avernum: This is a utility scenario where you can store gold between scenarios.


The Blades Arena: This is not fully completed, but the main part, the arena, is. I thought, since I don't get on the internet often, that I would include what I've finished so far.


Playground for the Pyromaniac: You get to blow stuff up!


The Battle for Gale: A single large combat where you can command your allies.


Try to Beat This Scenario: This is supposed to be impossible, even for god parties made by the HLPM. It has some scripting things I wanted to test.


Please respond soon if you want to betatest.

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Originally Posted By: Rehctawthgin
I want my name on a beta testing.
P.S., I'm also good at looking for bugs
-Beta, Nightwatcher

You'll have to actually test if you want credit, so you should provide contact information.

Anyway, since I have the scenarios already, I'll play them through for you.
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