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Moving without the mouse?


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In Exile and Avernum you could move around using the arrow keys or numberpad but neither seem to work in Avadon. I'm really missing the ease of movement especially during combat. Now it's click, shortcut key, click, shortcut key. I've looked in the settings and instructions but cannot find a way to set the movement with keyboard keys, am I missing something or will I just have to do without?

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If you find using the mouse is really problematic, you could always set up accessibility shortcuts in your OS to use the numeric keypad to control the mouse cursor. Not really a solution but could be better than nothing.


If you wanted to get really clever, there are programs like AutoHotkey that can do custom remapping of input devices, so that pressing a numpad key moves the cursor the distance of one grid in-game grid space... but that's probably a lot more trouble than it's worth.

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The movement in this game is similar to geneforge, except a little bit faster paced. It seems really intuitive moving your character using the mouse, in my opinion. It sounds really awkward to move around with the keyboard. I turn up the speed for the mouse and the scrolling. When it is slower or on normal it annoys me. Have you tried turning it on fast?

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