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suggestion: ability to import/export custom NPCs/items


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It would be nice if there was an option to import and export custom NPCs and items. Suppose someone makes a scenario with many custom monsters. If that person decides to reuse those monsters in another scenario, he or she would have to recreate all of them.


The ability to import and export NPCs would make this a lot easier. In a nutshell, exporting an NPC (or item) would create an external file containing all the data for said NPC, or even multiple NPCs. When the user imports a file, it would check if the monsters already exist in the scenario; if not, they would be added.


This feature would also allow people to share easily their custom monsters. Any thoughts?

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Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't done any work behind the scenes since the last commit. The wxWidgets stuff that I had so far is committed on a branch in the repository, but (as I recall) it's just a resource-loading framework (mimicking the overriding nature of the obsolete Mac resource system) and an experimental custom wxWidgets dialog class for BoE dialogs which doesn't quite work correctly yet.

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