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Will something happen...

Dark Sniper

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1) you will get 135 custom graphics in your scenario. I don't believe BoA has a limit to the number of custom graphics, but older machines might have issues (also, some players resent having to download massive archives bloated with bitmaps, so that's something to keep in mind).


2) You will want to use alpha-layered PNGs to achieve this, or if this is not an option a GIFs support transparency as an indexed color (NOT an alpha layer)

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I'm not sure exactly how you're planning to count, and 135 is an awfully specific and peculiar number, but if you take the custom floors and terrains as separate (rather than counting by sheet), Exodus had over 150 custom graphics. So no, nothing will happen.


Of course, adding more graphics to your scenario won't make the scenario any bigger. It'd make the graphics file bigger, but I don't see why that makes any difference whatsoever.


Custom avatar... transparent...? Someone else who knows what you're talking about will have to answer that.


EDIT: And... sniped.

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I'd have to check the docs, but aren't you limited to 100 sheets/BMPs?


EDIT: Yep, here it is in the docs.

Originally Posted By: BoA Docs, Chapter 4.1
You can create up to 100 custom sheets. They can be numbered 500 to 599.

Someone would have to check what happens when you try to put numbers above that into the game. It might cause Unhandled Exception errors in Windows, or it might work just fine.

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That works fine on my computer, I first numbered graphics 500 to 599. Then started from G2600 to G2659. It worked very finely. Do want a copy of my scenario?


EDIT: Name - Bandit Situation

Towns - Currently 1 (Planned to make 8 or more)

Dungeons - Currently 2 (Planned to make 20)

Realms Suffer from a bandit conspiracy...


Made with over 100 custom graphics downloaded from fellow Spiderwebbers' Site.


I'm planning to make a very big scenario...


That's all

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Exodus was a sequel to Bahssikava, which was also large, but remember that Kelandon has some prior BoE experience.


A better example would be Where the Rivers Meet, by Thralni. WtRM was a large scenario by a new designer, and while it did end up finished, the early versions were very rough and the beta testing process was pretty painful.


Speed-O-Fie, don't get us wrong, we'd love to see more designers. But we'd love to see finished scenarios even more. And if you don't believe us, take at look at this five year old article written by someone with far more design experience than I have.


(Too long, didn't read version of article: making a scenario that takes months to complete is okay, but before you start, take a week off to make a tiny one first. That way, you get a better idea of how much work it takes to design a scenario, and more importantly, you get feedback from the community right away.)

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