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Lost and Found

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It did, however:


1) tm.ermarian.net appears to be hosting a direct mirror of TMU back when it was on Geocities. Therefore it's only static html, and the intrusion seemed to only have attacked php files.


2) Said crisis is well on its way to being resolved. [censored] happens, but that's little reason to be worried, unless it's regular. iirc this is the only time ermarian.net has had issues, aside from some spambottage on the Encyclopedia.

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I could've sworn I had the Cookbook hosted, but it appears not (and it was never linked from my site anyway). It's a great resource, and it's sad that nobody'll use it now. frown


Also, you'll probably want to credit Brett Bixler for using the Louvre search page for "your" BoE graphics archive (http://hasenjs.byethost33.com/BoE/BoEGraphics/search.htm). I'm sure it's just an oversight that you haven't done so already.


Edit: Nevermind. It's credited if you click the BoE image, but nowhere else so I missed it.

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Does any one know about JtP or falcata? They had some good stuff. I think I remember the Archives of Akhronath still on line somewhere, but I haven't seen it recently.


Mark Bradburn had a nice bit of work on Exile I and Exile II, pretty rare stuff.


The Doomguards Realm was pretty cool as well.


I've got a lot of stuff that I have archived, some bits less useful than others, but some of that early work was pretty neat.


I am hesitant to post other peoples work, but if they have abandoned it and it would be of value to the SW community, I hate to not share it.

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