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Harehunter's editor - can't find marble.bmp


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I apologize for the mess up. It appears that I have 4 source code libraries and the one I picked to upload is the only one calling out for that particular file.


I have made a zip file of the images directory and placed it on my website @



Somethymes this website gets a little loopy. If for some reason the direct link takes you nowheresville, link to the BoE webpage and drill down through the Downloads link.

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I always used the numeric keypad to move around in the game, so that is how I move around in the terrain editor. To quickly get back to the center of the map, press 5.


I know I should have put the margin click zones into place, but I found that I have more control with the keypad.


I do use the mouse fly over to update the x,y counters at the top of the screen. Very important to know when programming specials.

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Version 2 is for a scenario file format that does not have a runtime engine to play it. I posted it up there so that people could see how I would be able to handle more objects, monsters, etc that is currently allowed in the game.


If you want to develop scenarios that are playable, then you need to use version 1


Let me take a look into version 2 just so that people can get a feel for the dynamic file structure. I have documents on my site that describe both formats.

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