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Location of Key III for Romans

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I'm currently playing Nethergate as romans. I have never gotten very far playing this faction (I've won as Celts), but recently decided to give it another go.


I'm looking for Key III (I want all the loot I can get). The hint book indicates it can be found in the Abandoned Mine, but I can't find it anywhere. I think I have gotten all the way through Level 3 (except for a place with a very tall ledge and no way for me to live through the fall). Checking Schrodinger's Page, I learn that it should be in Galag-Trav. The description of where it is spcifically is a bit vague and has a gramtical error.


Can anyone give me a location for the item? The level of a dungoen, and directions as to how to get to the spot? The hint book sadly does not have maps for either dungeon.


edit: spelling error

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I will.


I'm still trying to work out whether it is in there or in the Abandoned Mine. I know that all three are in the Goblin Pits for the Celts, so I initially assumed the hintbooks was right that all three are in the equivalent Roman dungoen.


I feel like I've missed a secret passage in the mines, or something. But if the FAQ says it is somewhere elsewhere I'll go with that.

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This is necroposting, but I know a lot of people (including me) Google old threads to get answers, so I hope this will be helpful.


You can find Key III in the Abandoned Mine in this way:

* Go down to Level 2 of the mine

* In the Southeast corner of Level 2 are stairs down to Level 3; this takes you to the south of the river which divides Level 3 (you can't cross the river if you go down the other staircase to Level 3)

* In the SOUTH wall of the NORTHEASTERNMOST chamber of this section south of the river on Level 3 is a secret passage that leads to a bunch of goblin corpses

* Head south in this hidden room and you'll end up in a winding path which takes you to another staircase up to an otherwise inaccessible part of Level 2, where there are more corpses and you have to fight a couple of shades; Key III is on one of the corpses here (NB one of the corpses is hidden behind another secret passage on the west wall of this area; this might be the one with the key).

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