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  1. Alorael - Oh, I know there is no Quest Log. I really miss it. Handwritten notes are more work. The Mayor is indeed the auctioneer. He never offered a quest for the wandering ghouls. I ended up running into those ghouls and killed them. Suddenly I had a dialogue option with the Mayor "Hey, I killed some ghouls. Do you pay for that?" And I was told "No, we're poor." I got a similar message with the barkeep, and his response was "We don't reward for that, but we think the undead come from the north." So either I missed the quest prompt the first time (and I talked to everyone twice...) or the hint book is wrong. Thanks for the replies. I'll just keep making Avernum a (somewhat) safer place for all.
  2. Finally got the trilogy, and hintbooks. I have this obsessive Do-Every-Quest thign. So I looked at the quest list for Mertis in the hintbook after I talked to everyone. The list indicates there is a quest to Kill Ghouls and one to Solve the Mystery of the Sprial Pit. The mayor asks me to find out where the undead are coming from and stop them. He does not mention either ghouls or the spiral pit. I've talked to everyone in town, and no one gives out either of these quests (well, I assume the Mayor's quest is supposed to be one of them). Any ideas?
  3. I will. I'm still trying to work out whether it is in there or in the Abandoned Mine. I know that all three are in the Goblin Pits for the Celts, so I initially assumed the hintbooks was right that all three are in the equivalent Roman dungoen. I feel like I've missed a secret passage in the mines, or something. But if the FAQ says it is somewhere elsewhere I'll go with that.
  4. I'm currently playing Nethergate as romans. I have never gotten very far playing this faction (I've won as Celts), but recently decided to give it another go. I'm looking for Key III (I want all the loot I can get). The hint book indicates it can be found in the Abandoned Mine, but I can't find it anywhere. I think I have gotten all the way through Level 3 (except for a place with a very tall ledge and no way for me to live through the fall). Checking Schrodinger's Page, I learn that it should be in Galag-Trav. The description of where it is spcifically is a bit vague and has a gramtical error. Can anyone give me a location for the item? The level of a dungoen, and directions as to how to get to the spot? The hint book sadly does not have maps for either dungeon. edit: spelling error
  5. I am doing a presentation on Geneforge in my Game AI class. I want to actually show some parts of the AI- in particular Roamers running off to get help and ganging up on the player. I have saved games on my Mac. My professor has a PC laptop. If we downloaded the Geneforge demo onto her PC, I would think that the Mac saved games would be useless. However, I'm not sure. Could someone clarify this? Otherwise I'm putting the demo on a friend's Power Book and transfering the saved games. Thanks.
  6. As a player who prefers magic, I love the Celts. I also find them easier to sympathize with in the storyline. I started the demo as the Romans, bought the game and played as Celts, then went back to play again with my Roman party. I never finished as the Romans- I didn't like the party much. Besides, I like having female PC's in my parties. You can't do that with the Romans. [edited grammer-]
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